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foto_ktosme_662_275Katarína Bartovičová, Lucia Štasselová, Eduard Marček

Eduard Marček – Chair

  • Eduard has been working in the nonprofit sector since 1997, has rich experience from many consulting and training projects at home and abroad (e.g. strengthening fundraising capacities of non-governmental development organizations in four countries of Central Europe in collaboration with the UK’s Resource Alliance). As a consultant deals with NGO fundraising and financing, cross-sector collaboration and involving companies in community support within responsible business. He provided consultation services to a number of domestic and international non-governmental organizations, worked on various analytical studies across Central Europe. Eduard is a co-founder and head of the Slovak Fundraising Centre and serves as a Vice-President of the European Fundraising Association. 
  • For more references > eduard.marcek(at)


Katarína Bartovičová – Deputy Chair

  • Katarina worked in the past for Amnesty International in Slovakia (as a member of the Coordination Council and later as its President) and for Greenpeace Slovakia, where she worked as a Fundraising and PR Manager between 2001-2010. She currently focuses on individual donors, direct mail, legislation associated with giving and education. She is a co-founder of the Slovak Fundraising Centre, where she works as a Consultant and Deputy Chair. At the same time she works as a Sales & Social Media Manager at in Brussels.
  • For more references > katarina.bartovicova(at)


Lucia Štasselová – Member of the Executive Committee

  • Lucia co-founded a major and best known independent foundation to help children and youth in Slovakia the Children of Slovakia Foundation and 2002–2011 served as its Executive Director. She co-initiated the best known fundraising campaign for the children Children’s Hour, participated in introduction of project management based on the Next level method. She launched a Learning Centre project that introduced innovative learning trends in Slovakia. Lucia was a Member and Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Slovak Donors Forum, worked in Radio and Television of Slovakia as a Manager for Non-Profit Projects, Fundraising Manager for Salesians and Director of the Help Each Other Foundation. She also worked at the City Heritage Protection Institute as architect and project manager for art-history and architecture projects in Bratislava. Lucia is a Member of the Executive Committee of the Slovak Fundraising Centre.
  • For more references > lucia.stasselova(at)


Other members of the Slovak Fundraising Centre:

  • Peter Guštafík (PDCS) – Founding Member
  • Boris Strečanský (Centre for Philanthropy) – Founding Member
  • Martina Tvrdoňová (WellGiving)



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