Expect the Unexpected – Be Ready to Raise Money When Something Goes Viral

It’s every fundraiser’s dream. All of a sudden, independent of you and your charity, something goes “crazy” on the Internet and the money just starts flowing in! You can’t make something viral happen magically. But, you CAN be ready for it to make sure you make the most of it when something DOES happen. There’s a lot more you can do than stand by and count the cash.

In this engaging session, Beate will share the story of how the Norwegian Cancer Society was able to raise over € 420,000 when the Norwegian people suddenly decided overnight to start jumping into cold water. You’ll learn how to be ready for a Cold Water Challenge, a #Nomakeupselfie and the Next Big Thing. You’ll also learn how to use social media to steward volunteers and donors to forge strong bonds, ever increasing the chance that your charity will be the one they choose to support when they do something unexpected.