How to Raise 22,000,000 CZK in 9 Months

Major Donor fundraising does not work in Central and Eastern Europe. We can’t use American style fundraising here and expect it to work. Our culture is different here. It doesn’t work here.

That is what people used to say. Well, they can’t say that anymore. Via Foundation in Prague, CR has just successfully completed a 22 million CZK campaign. They said it would never happen. But it did.

Join Jiří Bárta, Executive Director of Via Foundation and Tony Myers of Myers & Associates as they share their story of how to raise 22 million CZK in 9 months and learn how you too can have a successful major donor fundraising campaign.

Learning Points:

– 12 steps to running a major donor campaign
– 17 things you need to know before asking big
– How Via Foundation was successful
– Why Via Foundation was successful
– What you can do to achieve the same success