Integration of Campaigns, Mass Mobilization and Fundraising

I belong to the generation of fundraisers who spent many of their working years in a world where every larger organization had a project department (campaigns) and media people sitting on one floor and fundraisers isolated on a different floor. I can recall long-winded discussions about which of these departments should be in charge of the web and why it should or should not be this or that department…

Times have changed. Not infrequently, however, we still live in a world with barriers still persisting in the minds of people who communicate on behalf of an organization, people who do the project work and finally, that bunch of weirdos who try to find funding and donors for it all.

Therefore, my presentation will be about integration. Not only about its institutionalization, but also about a deep acceptance of it by the whole team. I will give inspirational examples of what an organization can achieve in today’s world if it knocks down the walls between departments and starts working as one big team. Of course, I will also speak about what benefits it brings both financially and to projects.