Debate: Is Crowdfunding Really That Great?

Films, books, exhibitions, gadgets, crazy ideas… Everywhere you look, there is a crowdfunding campaign asking for your online support and promising such and such benefit in return. The surge in raising funds from crowds enabled through social media and online environment is undoubtedly a new fundraising phenomenon. But is crowdfunding indeed the right way to go for your project and organization? Will we all crowdfund in one way or another in a very short future? Who has the chance and who should rather focus on typical fundraising tools? What is needed for success in crowdfunding?

These and other crowdfunding-related questions will be discussed at this session. This is not a typical conference workshop with presentations. Join Jan Kroupa (CZ) and other experts for this lively and interactive debate where you can explore challenges and new opportunities crowdfunding can offer to fundraisers today.