Jiří Bárta

Jiří is the Executive Director of Via Foundation, one of the largest independent grant-making foundations in the Czech Republic providing grants, training, coaching and other forms of assistance to civic organizations, initiatives and communities across the Czech Republic. Via is very active internationally and since 2010 it has been managing the C.S.Mott-funded ViabilityNet program – a peer learning and capacity building initiative for civil society leaders in Central and Eastern Europe.

Jiří has been involved in the community foundation field since 1997 and in the past three years has studied and written on the development of community foundation movements in the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania. Prior to joining the Via Foundation, Jiří was a consultant with the Czech management consultancy company CS-Project Ltd. Jiří received his M.A. in public management from Carnegie Mellon University and is a Ron Brown Fellow. He is a member of the Remarque Forum organized by the Remarque Institute at New York University and a Synergos Fellow.