Masterclass: Content Marketing and Social Media: How to Use Compelling Stories to Attract and Retain Donors Online

The digital world has changed how we find new donors – and how donors find us. Interrupting people with advertising is working less. Creating and curating interesting, sharable content is working more.

Content marketers create and distribute valuable content that drives a clearly defined audience to action. Nonprofits can take advantage of the power of content marketing to improve SEO, build strong social media networks and elevate thought leaders within their organizations.

In this 2 x 90 min. masterclass, we will learn about how to create an organizational content marketing strategy that will enable your organization, regardless of size, to create, find and share interesting content that attracts supporters. We will evaluate your existing website and social platforms to determine your most valuable content assets and areas for improvement. After defining your organization’s unique content marketing mission statement, we will break down your audience so that you can adapt your message for a diverse range of supporters. And we will examine how social media specifically can be used to amplify the content you have on your website. While working on your specific content challenges, we will start developing a plan that you can implement as soon as you get back to work.