Zuzana Suchová

Out of her 11 years in marketing, Zuzana has been with non-profit organizations for almost six. She worked as an account, brand marketing and product manager in several international companies. Her cooperation with nonprofits dates back to her working as an account manager in a full-service direct marketing agency. The non-profit world captivated her even more during her maternity leave. She worked with the Divé maky non-governmental organization for which she improved its website and incorporated online giving tools in it. For dakujeme.sk she worked on projects such as Darujte Vianoce 2012 (Donate Christmas 2012), 10×10 tisíc (Ten Times Ten Thousand) from VUB Bank Foundation and Veľké knižné venovanie (The Great Book Donation).

A year ago she started working as a fundraiser and PR manager with SAVIO, a Salesian non-governmental organization.  She is the manager for Adopt a Child in Kenya and Adopt a Classroom in South Sudan projects. She organized Spojme sa pre Južný Sudán teraz (terazvsudane.sk) (Let’s Unite for South Sudan Now) and Tehlička (tehlicka.sk) (The Brick) public fund-raising campaigns in which she specialized in individual online donations.