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Our mission is to develop professional fundraising and financing of NGOs, public and private institutions and civic initiatives at home and abroad.


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Major Gifts & Major Campaigns: The Art And Science Of Success
20. 9. 2017 Eduard Marček
“Do it once, do it right” is Tony Myers’s motto. Tony, whose fundraising work and experience has spanned five continents, has found success practising both the “art and science” of major gifts and maj … viac

Ride A Tiger! How To Raise €5.5 Million A Year Without A Strategic Plan And Enjoy It
14. 9. 2017 Eduard Marček
“Fundraising is like riding on the back of a falling tiger. Or surfing a big wave,” says one of the great fundraisers of our region – Tomáš Vyhnálek from People in Need. There are countless opportunit … viac

Become A Great Fundraiser And Grow Your Income Significantly
07. 9. 2017 Eduard Marček
‘Great Fundraising’ is defined as large-scale income growth – increasing organization’s income and impact by two, three or four times over a period of years. At this year’s CEE Fundraising Conference  … viac

Inspire. Innovate. Impact. CEE Fundraising Conference 2017
09. 8. 2017 Eduard Marček
For the eighth time, the largest conference on raising funds from private sources for NGO activities in our part of Europe – the CEE Fundraising Conference – will take place in the second week of Octo … viac

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