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Our mission is to develop professional fundraising and financing of NGOs, public and private institutions and civic initiatives at home and abroad.

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7 tipov na vianočnú fundraisingovú kampaň
11. 11. 2015 Igor Polakovič
Každý už vie, že december je pre neziskovky zameriavajúce sa na individuálnych darcov najdôležitejším mesiacom. Pár zaujímavých faktov som popísal už v mojom minuloročnom blogu. Cieľom toho dnešného j … viac

CEEFC Masterclasses Offer World-Class Fundraising Expertise
23. 9. 2015 Eduard Marček
  The CEE Fundraising Conference features the world’s renowned fundraising practitioners. Tap into their vast expertise at specialized masteclasses and benefit from their presence in Bratislava. How T … viac

Being Successful At Fundraising Means Planning Strategically
04. 9. 2015 Eduard Marček
Some fundraisers need to plan everything right from the start, for others it is only during the rush of daily work with donors that they discover planning is vital in achieving greater effectivity. St … viac

To Lead You Must Know How. To Lead You Must Know Why. To Lead You Must Know Yourself…
31. 7. 2015 Eduard Marček
There is a critical need for leadership in civil society. In Central and Eastern Europe, this need is being felt daily. Leaders of Tomorrow is a 12-month experiential development program which equips … viac

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