We offer professional consulting services in developing fundraising.

Whether this is analyzing the environment and funding sources, devising a fundraising strategy or using fundraising tools, raising funds or new inspiration for fundraising, we help you deal with the challenges you face.

  • Setting up a non-profit organisation and you don’t know how to finance it?
  • You need to diversify your sources and strengthen your sustainability?

Together we analyse the environment, challenges and ongoing changes. We identify the best source of funding and work up an analysis of how best to get that funding. We have extensive experience with various forms of financing of non-profit organisations and activities of public benefit. Our information will help you to quickly orientate among the mass of opportunities and pitfalls of financing.

  • Would you like to start a fundraising programme from various sources but you don’t know how?
  • You need to update your strategy but you’re lacking inspiration or ideas?

We help you to work up a detailed fundraising strategy and plan, which are the foundations of success. We identify sources of funding to develop a fundraising programme to help your organisation. Our consultant can subsequently, either short-term or long-term, work with you to realise this strategy, as per your requirements.

  • You are an organisation with an existing fundraising programme, but which isn’t working out as you had hoped?
  • You need to rethink your fundraising activities but you need an unbiased opinion?

Together we evaluate your fundraising strategies and tools to help you get the best results. Using an external observer to evaluate the situation can be an effective tool in uncovering shortcomings and opportunities you might overlook. We help you find the answers to questions on fundraising and strengthening the sustainability of your organisation.

  • Would you like to expand your fundraising programme with new tools, but you don’t have the experience?
  • Do new trends and challenges inspire you but you don’t have enough courage to use new methods?

We offer consultation and expert help with the start-up and implementation of the following, among others, fundraising tools in practice:

- Direct mail – fundraising via the post.
- Public collections – fundraising from the wider public.
- Direct dialogue – fundraising by approaching people directly on the street.
- Online, digital and mobile fundraising – fundraising via the internet, social networks and mobile devices.
- Corporate fundraising – fundraising from businesses.
- Institutional fundraising – fundraising (grants) from institutional sponsors, institutions and organisations.
The development of various fundraising tools and activities can be carried out on your behalf.

  • You want to get new donors and partners, but you don’t know how to approach them?
  • You need to strengthen your relationships with your existing sponsors and raise their level of support, but you can’t communicate with them effectively?

Together we define a communication strategy and mission and help to build your organisation’s brand. Effective communication helps you get donors and sponsors, and build and develop long-term relationships with them. These are an essential part of raising returns from fundraising and strengthening the sustainability of your organisation.

  • Are you facing challenges related to more effective operation and governance and you need to work them out?
  • You want to evaluate a management situation but you are too involved or you want an independent expert opinion?

We outline the situation your organisation finds itself in. We identify the challenges you are facing, the opportunities, risks and goals in managing and financing. In a development strategy we propose steps to help you achieve your goals and fulfil your mission. We provide recommendations and measures to improve the functioning of your organisation and strengthen its financial sustainability.

  • Are you considering generating independent funding on your own but you’re worried about how to start it up?
  • You want to earn from your own business but you don’t know what that would mean for your non-profit organisation?

We’ll help you with identifying the most advantageous business opportunities on the market, creating a business plan and realising it, taking into account your mission, capacities and priorities. We identify various ways of self-financing and business to help strengthen your sustainability.

  • Are you a firm considering your corporate responsibility and are looking for an inspirational and reliable partner from the non-profit sector?
  • You need to move your community support policy to a new level and would welcome some consulting help?

We define the appropriate area and strategy of community support, partners and cooperation with key stakeholders. We know about partnerships between firms and non-profit organisations. Together we set community support policy so that your firm sees a beneficial, positive change and strengthens its positive relationship with its target group.

If you are interested in any of the services above or if you have any specific consulting needs, please contact us.


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