The Fundraisers' Club provides a space for people to meet, share their experiences and grow both personally and professionally.


Providing a space for regular exchange between fundraising experts.

Maintaining a platform for mutual inspiration and professional growth.

Promoting ethical and professional practices in fundraising.

Collectively effecting positive changes.


In 2020 we plan to organize occasional Fundraising Club meetings - these usually take place four times per year.


Fundraising Club members have access to expert literature on fundraising, social enterprise, business, marketing and other areas.

Fundraisers' Club Membership

Each member gets a number of benefits.

Non-Profit Organisation

Wants to strengthen its fundraising capacity and mobilise resources.

Legal Entity

Works in the fundraising field as a supplier of solutions for others.


Works independently (not for a single NGO) and has been involved in fundraising for at least a year.

What do you get as a member?

  • Stimulating company for your professional development at regular meetings,
  • Ideas, inspiration and experience from colleagues from home and abroad,
  • Priority and discounts at Slovak Fundraising Centre events and those of other foreign partners from the European Fundraising Association,
  • Access to interesting educational material, expert literature and information important to fundraising,
  • Contacts and support in establishing international cooperation,
  • The chance to formulate ethical and professional principles of fundraising practice,
  • The opportunity to run your own project with other members on the Slovak Fundraising Centre platform.

Member’s rights

  • To forward proposals and recommendations related to the Club’s activities
  • To receive priority and discounts to participate in the events organised by the Slovak Fundraising Centre or by our partners both at home and abroad.
  • For a member organisation, to involve in Club meetings also your employees – usually a maximum of two (more only by mutual agreement)
  • Other benefits which the Club grants its members.

Member’s responsibilities

  • Adhere to the Organisation rules and regulations and contribute, where possible, to the Club meeting its goals.
  • Pay an agreed membership fee.

Code Of Ethics

Fundraisers' Club members pledge to respect the Code of Ethics in their relationships with donors and the Code of Fundraising Practice.

Member's Zone

Premium content for Fundraisers' Club members is available after entering your password.