Educational course for beginner users

The Slovak Fundraising Centre, in co-operation with CRM for non-profit organisations, is running a practical course on the most popular CRM system in the world– a system which non-profit organisations can use for better fundraising.


The course focuses on gaining skills for work with Salesforce CRM.

This practical course with an experienced lecturer explains the basic and intermediate functionality of the most popular system for managing relationships with donors and partners. For the best experience and method of gaining practical skills, we suggest each participant brings a notebook or tablet. Participants can also choose to attend on just one of the days.

Target Group

The course is for anyone who:

  • Needs to manage data about their donors, partners, and supporters;
  • Wants to improve their user skills in working with this system;
  • Wants to improve their work with donors.

Course Topics

  • Starting with Salesforce CRM – 1st day
    Basic skills and orientation within the system.
    • Basic skills and orientation within the system,
    • What is Salesforce and what it can offer me,
    • How to apply for a licence,
    • Where our data is, and GDPR,
    • Is the cloud safe?
    • User-friendliness, system updating,
    • Basic data management (contacts),
    • Setting tasks and activities,
    • The donor segment and gifts, settings options,
    • Following donor history.
  • Running a campaign in Salesforce CRM – 1st day
    How to run a campaign in practice. 
    • Structure of the campaign object,
    • Linking objects to the campaign,
    • What this object can be used for,
    • Campaign evaluation,
    • Management of campaign members,
    • Potential link to web forms,
    • Can the object be customised in future according to our needs?
  • Reports and Views – 2nd day
    How to compile a report and get the data we need from the system.
    • Object Reports, what they are for,
    • Difference between views and report object,
    • Functionality options of views compared to report,
    • Types of report and their management,
    • Illustration of reports.
  • Mass correspondence in Salesforce CRM – 2nd day
    How to send mass mails
    • Zasielanie emailov na kontakty,
    • Možnosti hromadnej korešpondencie,
    • Význam a ciele hromadnej korešpondencie ,
    • Vytváranie šablón a adresátov,
    • Jednotlivé kroky pre odoslanie emailov,
    • Prepojenie s Gmail, MailChimp, prípadne ďalšími nástrojmi.

Takeaways For Participants

  • New information and skills to manage data and approach donors better;
  • The chance to see presentations from the CEE Fundraising Conference (for an additional fee).


Martin Humpolec

Martin has more than 20 years of experience in implementing customized information systems in large and small companies, primarily in the field of CRM and DMS, including subsequent process changes for their optimal use. In the last five years, he has been using the experience gained in implementing the system in non-profit organizations. His knowledge of IT, CRM principles and marketing proves to be a great combination for improving and optimizing the communication of non-profit organizations with their donors.