Ted Hart, James M. Greenfield, Michael Johnston
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ePhilanthropy is an ongoing process of communicating, educating, cultivating, and soliciting nonprofit supporters to build and enhance stronger relationships. It has become such a powerful tool that many of the most seasoned professionals have not only learned new skills but have also completely reevaluated how they approach almost every aspect of fundraising.

Designed to be an everyday reference for nonprofit managers, staff, and volunteers, Nonprofit Internet Strategies is a practical manual written in a language that is not technical but, instead, rooted in the language of nonprofit staff members and focused on the everyday management issues they face. It helps all types of charitable organizations analyze and select best practices for developing multiple Internet strategies to integrate with their traditional marketing, communications, and fundraising methods.

Nonprofit Internet Strategies covers the five key ePhilanthropy strategies that have led many nonprofit organizations to succeed:

  • The Relationship: Integrate All Supporter Messages
  • Give Supporters a Reason to Visit You Online
  • Interact with Supporters, Don’t Just Send Messages
  • Communicate Using Multiple Methods
  • Assess and Improve Performance

Featuring an impressive group of international contributors addressing global applications, this excellent how-to guide is based on real-life occurrences and case studies demonstrating proven, practical ways to use the advantages of the Internet in all areas of public awareness and mass communications. Readers will benefit from the successes and failures of other organizations that have sought to define and develop fully integrated approaches to online and offline applications for the Internet to:

  • Advance their causes
  • Inform their public
  • Raise public confidence and trust in their mission and vision
  • Engender gifts, grants, and contributions, as well as new advocates and volunteer supporters

Nonprofit Internet Strategies is a powerful tool for nonprofit managers and everyone leading a nonprofit organization in marketing, communications, and fundraising, as well as information technology.