Ken Burnett, Jennie Thompson
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Internationally acclaimed fund raising consultant, Ken Burnett has completely revised and updated his classic book „Relationship Fundraising“, to offer fundraising professionals an invaluable resource for learning the techniques of effective communication with donors in the twenty-first century. Filled with illustrative case histories, donor profiles, and more than two hundred action points, this groundbreaking book shows fundraisers how to implement creative approaches to relationship-building fundraising. It shows how to avoid common fundraising errors and pitfalls; apply the vital ingredients for fundraising success; build good relationships through marketing; achieve a greater understanding of their donors; communicate effectively with donors using direct mail, the press, television, the telephone, face-to-face contact, and more. It also prepares the readers for the challenges of twenty-first century fundraising.

„Experienced volunteers and skilled practitioners realize that fundraising isn’t about money, it is about relationships. Ken Burnett’s observations, insights, and practical tips for building and sustaining relationships are superb. Highly readable, this book is a solid mix of sound theory and pragmatic application.“ —Kay Sprinkel Grace, author, Beyond Fund Raising; coauthor High Impact Philanthropy

„Ken Burnett is one of the world’s leading practitioners of the art of raising money by mail. Many of us in the fundraising field speak about „building relationships with donors,“ but Ken has systematically developed the techniques to bring this ideal down to earth. This classic book lays them out for all to see. Relationship Fundraising is one of a handful of truly indispensable books that belong on every fundraiser’s bookshelf.“ —Mal Warwick, founder, Mal Warwick Associates; author, How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters and Ten Steps to Fundraising Success

„This is the book that sets the agenda for fundraising communications in the twenty-first century. Engaging, inspiring, and thought provoking, Relationship Fundraising is based on the unique twenty-five year experience of one of the world’s most respected fundraisers.“ —Bernard Ross, director, The Management Centre, London; author, Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations