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Here you may find presentations from the CEE Fundraising Conference held on 12-14 October 2022 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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> Daryl Upsall (ES): Challenges And Opportunities: Trends And Innovations Impacting Fundraising Worldwide

Parallel Workshops

> Jan Kroupa (CZ), Jiří Bárta (CZ): Crossing The Divide
> Kay Sprinkel Grace (US): Are We Serving Or Solving The Problem In Our Communities?
> Peter Fabian (GB): What Can We – Eastern European Fundraisers – Learn From Fundraising In The UK?
> Bertie Bosrédon (ES): How To Create A Digital Fundraising Culture
> Tony Myers (CA), Jan Kroupa (CZ): Mastering The Most Important 10 Seconds In A Major Donor Conversation
> Jillian Stewart (NL): Introduction To Peer-To-Peer Fundraising
> Gemma Rooke (GB): Death And Dying – What Not To Say
> Daryl Upsall (ES): Why Have A Fundraising Strategy Or Business Plan? What Tools Can Help You Develop One?
> Balázs Horváth (NL): Engagement As Core Of Digital Growth
> Livija Rojc Štremfelj (SI): The Playground Of Organisational Effectiveness, Mission statements
> Robert C. Osborne, Jr. (US): Achieving Impact Through An Ecosystem Model
> Mladenka Majerić (HR): Authentic Leadership: Why Doing It Right Is The Right Way?
> Zuzana Suchová (SK), Katarína Bartovičová (SK): Creative Networking & Quiz Game
> Konrad Siwiński (PL): Philanthropy In Central And Eastern Europe 2020-2022
> Ivan Zaťko (SK): Crowdfunding Dynamics: When A Perfect Campaign Page Is Not A Solution
> Konstantina Papadimitriou (GR): Networking For Those Who Hate Networking
Daryl Upsall (ES): Fundraiser Burnout – Are We Looking After Ourselves?
> Robert C. Osborne, Jr. (US): Metrics Based Decision Making For Fundraising Success


> Tony Myers (CA): The Power Of Listening And Raising More Money!

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