Margaret Holman, Lucy Sargent
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30 EUR

Funding from major donors can mean the difference between a charity’s success or failure, yet many of us don’t set aside the time or resources to find and build relationships with the people whose financial support matters the most.

Illustrated with comprehensive case studies and sample correspondence, this book offers practical, step-by-step advice about how to go about getting – and, most importantly, keeping – major donors. It shows you how to:

  • identify key benefactors
  • cultivate your most promising contacts
  • make the all-important ‚ask‘
  • create a culture that values major donors.

Margaret M Holman has over 30 years‘ experience in fundraising and runs her own successful fundraising consulting practice in New York City. Lucy Sargent is currently Campaign Director for a major gift appeal at UK charity SeeAbility.

‚The book is worth its weight in gold (perhaps literally). The practical tools are easy to use and give just the right balance of science and art to the challenge of fundraising … At last there is something for everyone.‘ 
Alistair Lomax – Executive Director, UNIAID, The Students‘ Charity